An overhead shot of a woman arms on a grey marble table. She's holding a copy of The Garden Party and The Doll's House. There's a jug and glass of orange water on a grey notebook beside her.

Dovetale Press carefully constructs classic books adapted for the reader living with dementia, including Alzheimer's.

Our adapted books are enriching, backed by research and crafted to amplify the joy of reading for people living with dementia (e.g., Alzheimer's, Lewy Body, Vascular or Frontotemporal), Parkinson's or stroke. Browse our bookstore to find the right novel that enhances the quality of life for readers with dementia at home, at the library or in residential care.

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  • A close up of a persons hands opening a Sherlock Holmes book. A stack of magazines and a drinking glass is next to them

    Adapted literature that is fit-for-purpose

    Founded by Dr Gillian Claridge, an applied linguist, and Dr B. Sally Rimkeit, a psychogeriatrician in 2014. Dovetale Press publishes versions of classics, proven to engage readers. Our books include beautiful illustrations - adding vibrancy and joy to the readers' experience.

  • A book spread open against a yellow surface. The left page is the index page and the right page has an illustration. The text reads: "The Garden Party" and is against a painting of lush green leaves with pink and yellow peony flowers

    An engaging read backed by research

    • Shorter text with a clear plot, retaining the authors' voice
    • Large font and white space for ease of readability
    • Easy to follow; a double-sided page reads as one story
    • 'Cast lists' are provided and referents are clear
    • Books are lighter than usual novels and easy to hold.

Want to bring the spark of joy back to reading for your loved ones living with dementia?